YouTube gets into the gaming world

YouTube gets into the gaming world
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     Yesterday, on 26th of June, gamers were happy to welcome a new streaming source called YouTube Gaming. Developed in the form of a website and an application working on iOS and Windows, it seems to be an analogue of already popular Twitch. Twitch is known as a site, where people can share video games sessions live or conversely watch online someone playing their favorite computer game.

     Google repeatedly tried to acquire Twitch and be in charge of the latest trend in the gaming world. Unfortunately, numerous negotiations led to nothing. Finally, it turned out that another giant, Amazon, managed to obtain Twitch. So now, we guess, Google will bring its best experience and creativity, to make YouTube Gaming a first-class game service able to bypass its competitor with a lot of cool features.
YouTube gets into the gaming world
     For now, YouTube Gaming has developed almost all the functional possibilities that are already provided by Twitch. Apart from offering live game broadcasting, YouTube Gaming hosts millions of prerecorded videos, all divided into sections according to various game categories, names, themes and so on. Users can also subscribe for either live or pre-recorded videos, which for many people should be convenient. In either way, you can always follow the game or then get involved in another one by having a look at the related videos automatically found. Chat options are pretty the same as those of Twitch.
YouTube gets into the gaming world
     There is one distinction and advantage of YouTube Gaming over Twitch: you can control the live stream by pausing and rewinding the video. However, YouTube should work hard and come up with some more extraordinary features if they want subscribers to leave Twitch and join YouTube Gaming. Although YouTube provided its new service with its reliable broadcast platform and video space, it still lacks the variety of subscription options provided by Twitch. It would be very useful for YouTube Gaming developers to follow broadcasters’ requests concerning some extra functionalities in order to become more attractive.

     Finally, both sources are also powerful means of game advertising, which makes the competition for money even stronger. Moreover, their principle of work is based on active participation of subscribers and broadcasters: the more the followers, the better. So let us wait and see what YouTube Gaming and Twitch are ready for in order to gather more partners and subscribers.

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