Wolves Summit 2016: The Biggest Event In Eastern Europe To Hunt For Investment

Wolves Summit 2016: The Biggest Event In Eastern Europe To Hunt For Investment
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     The bridge between the next start – up unicorns to be and a number of investors was built for the third consecutive year in Warsaw. This year the highly anticipated Wolves Summit Conference connected over 300 start-ups, 250 investors and 400 corporate executives for one reason: to shape the future for start-ups through networking. The event was powered by TNT Ventures and attracted top guests from companies, such as Microsoft, Samsung, Partech Ventures, Tuxera Inc. and much more. It is estimated that throughout the past two days (April 12th-13th) at Wolves Summit Conference, each start-up has had at least 10 one-on-one meetings with top-tier investors. We are sharing the most important news of this highly curated event that shaped the future for many start-ups.

New Age Networking Enabled Instant Connections

     Private meetings or so – called “speed dates” with investors, VCs and C-level corporate executives proved that hunting your future is fundamental. The matchmaking tool was developed for the conference attendees to create schedules and find the most promising connections by filtering your search. A number of representatives from the biggest media channels have gathered at Wolves Summit 2016 to help start-ups create and establish their brand awareness.

Wolves Summit 2016: The Biggest Event In Eastern Europe To Hunt For Investment

     Entrepreneurs found themselves busy giving interviews, joining round – table conversations about business and listening to panel discussions (insights on investments in Europe, the legacy of accelerators and relationship between corporates and start-ups were some of the topics covered). In addition, the needs of the executives were fulfilled by prior inspection of what their business needs are, and subsequently introducing relevant start-ups to solve their pain. Barbara Piasek, Chief Executive Officer at Wolves Summit, has made it clear that organizers have gathered a database of 70,000 detailed records of innovative start-ups that can be linked to the relevant investors at any time.

Wolves Summit 2016: The Biggest Event In Eastern Europe To Hunt For Investment

The Great Pitch: The Battle For $100,000

     Start-up representatives were given 3 minutes on the big stage to present their groundbreaking ideas to receive the main prize of $100, 000 for further business development A bootcamp for pitchers was organized to ensure that their 3-minute pitch will not leave investors and the whole start-up ecosystem indifferent.

     After two rounds of selection, 9 start-ups were selected to pitch for the finals and the main prize was finally awarded to SwipeStox, the ultimate social trading app. The German – based start-up shares the expertise of the most successful traders within the app to help its users become high paid leaders. Through the implementation of live trades and ability to copy them, users can “profit from the wisdom of millions of other traders”. Therefore, Forex, Indices, and CFDs can be traded easily to generate additional income for SwipeStox users. Yet, there’s more than that: Tinder-style swiping through trades definitely adds more fun to it.

Wolves Summit 2016: The Biggest Event In Eastern Europe To Hunt For Investment

Source: fintechnews.com
SwipeStox, the winner of Wolves Summit, was awarded with a prize of $100,000

     The media package prize from TVN Ventures was awarded to Twisto, an emergent FinTech disruptor, who was selected as the second best start-up. The Czech start-up focuses on providing virtual credit cards for mobile purchases. Furthermore, the company has developed a proprietary risk assessment engine “Nikita” that ensures smooth and quick payment process. With the average transaction approval rate above 80%, the company is looking forward to a global expansion. After 5 rounds from 6 investors, Twisto is ready to revolutionize the mobile purchases.

What’s Next?

     The entrepreneurs are now busy following up with investors, VCs and even potential employees to strengthen the bonds with those who will help them to build bridges to global expansion. Wolves Summit has one more time proved that the start-up ecosystem is getting even bigger and more demanding, therefore, a high-quality networking is a must. It is definitely about the product, strategy, and profit, yet it is also about connecting like-minded people to achieve more. Finally, not only Eastern Europe but also the whole world is looking for new start-ups that go beyond existing standards.

Written by Kamile Kaselyte

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