Why participate in hackathons

Why participate in hackathons
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       A hackathon has become one of the most popular formats of the events, devoted to startups and innovations. Widely known as “hack days” or “hack fests”, such specific meetups attract hundreds of talented programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and investors across the world almost every weekend: people love hackathons, because usually it’s a great time, spent on creativity and often resulting into some major tech breakthroughs. Seems like there is no startup conference without a theme hackathon today! So why organize so many hackathons? Are there any real benefits from such brainstorming sessions?
Why participate in hackathons
      It has been commonly noted that hackathons are pulling more and more young participants in the CEE region. They acquire precious experience, get the chance to meet the local industrial leaders and learn how to create a quality and highly perspective product. As a result, totally new interesting tech solutions appear. For example, in Ukraine, people now use an interactive map of the nearby construction zones and a special application connecting residents with the city authorities: all these useful and rather applicable digital solutions were developed during hackathons.

      According to experts, most of the hackathon-generated ideas are ‘draft’. However, they serve as a good basis for real projects and make a huge contribution to open source technologies. Hackathon products are characterized by reduced time and material costs, especially for freelancers and outsourcing companies. A well-organized hackathon, with worthy ideas and ambitious participants, may help improve the whole system of instruments and encourage the grand advancement of the IT field.
Why participate in hackathons
Hackathon participants will always find a number of significant benefits from such events:

  • perfect networking atmosphere;
  • one or two days totally devoted to the project they never could find time for;
  • development of a good product prototype in a really short time;
  • amazing opportunity to share ideas and gather a working team;
  • objective feedback from experienced mentors, accompanied with advice on ideas’ monetization -> a perfect project for a startup;
  • great pitching experience, encouraging speaker skills.

      Obviously, hackathons create the vibe among startuppers and developers. Plus it is always a lot of fun and inspiration. Follow our updates about the hackathons in the CEE region and participate.

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