Why adapt to cloud technologies

Why adapt to cloud technologies
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     You must have already noticed how fast all those cloud capacities have gained power and users’ acknowledgment in the past few years: cloud storage spaces, cloud editors, cloud platforms, cloud servers are just a few examples of the wide range of innovative solutions offered by vendors of the vast cloud industry. Cloud computing has been recognized as one of the most influential technologies of our century and is very likely to embrace 80 percent of all small businesses by 2020. Modern enterprises and governments realize that their established infrastructures should migrate to the cloud although it involves some difficulties. Here are some reasons to prove that cloud computing is a road to the business future bringing a competitive advantage.
Why adapt to cloud technologies

Cost reduction

A lot of small businesses realized cloud solutions’ lower cost a long time ago. Working on a traditional server implies fixed monthly payments with no regard for the actual CPU power, bandwidth usage and memory space occupied. With the cloud it is all different: you pay only for what you use, separately – so no overpaying. Besides, cloud constantly keeps your service online, with much lower maintenance costs.

Increased security

Actually, this is still a rather controversial aspect. Developers are working hard on cloud security enhancement, but of course, there are still numerous risks involved, and like in any other systems breach cases are quite common. Still, cloud solutions prevent your data from physical theft from the computer and other possible hacker manipulations. A strong password, two-step authentication, and mending security holes will guarantee information security on a cloud.


The first thing that most likely comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word “cloud” is a non-stop access to the files, independently of time and location. This allows real-time web collaboration and information exchange. One of the best examples is Google Apps. Here also comes multi-device access to files.

Why adapt to cloud technologies

Integration with other cloud services

Small businesses tend to benefit a lot from the opportunity to use a variety of cloud-based services providing precious tools for business management, such as analytics or statistics. For example, it is possible to integrate one’s payroll with special tools for taxes’ monitoring, this way you have no need to worry about any technical issues dealing with checking multiple computers for statistics.

Cloud adoption is an inevitable trend, although considered to be another fad by some experts. In fact, soon we will have to deal with millions of cloud services, with numerous businesses building cloud infrastructure and hiring employees on a world scale. It seems to be high time to join this common move to the cloud.

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