West meets East: SVOD Europe Conference outcomes

West meets East: SVOD Europe Conference outcomes
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     On 27th-28th of January, Dublin hosted the SVOD Europe conference, sponsored by Almaz Capital Partners, PWC and Google, and traditionally connecting tech leaders from Eastern Europe with their colleagues from more developed western ecosystems. Now SVOD Europe was held on the topic “Unicorn vs Narwhal. Myth vs Reality”, which was to suppose to reveal opposite investment strategies applied by tech companies at various development stages: “all-you-can-eat” vs. “eat-only-to-live”.
     As usually, SVOD Europe was highlighted with exciting speeches by professional speakers like Brian Caulfield (Draper Esprit), Alexander Galitsky (AlmazCapital), Uri Adoni (JVP), Deborah Magid (IBM), Paddy Flynn (Google Dublin), Damian Byrne (PWC), Steve Emecz (Powa Technologies), Ariel Rosenstein, (SimilarWeb) and others, who also joined 5 panel discussions, organized during the conference.
     This time, SVOD Europe Startup Competition gathered 25 startup projects from Ireland, Israel and the CEE region, which had a great opportunity to present their products and services to the board of prospective investors. Projects from Ireland, Israel and Ukraine emerged as winners of the Startup Competition. Ourobotics won the first prize: this Irish company, headed by Jemma Redmond, has developed a bioprinter capable of printing limbs for use in medicine. Ourobotics was also credited by Google Adwords.
West meets East: SVOD Europe Conference outcomes
     The second prize was given to the Israeli project Recast, offering an interesting service of “painting” anyone next to or in place of famous actors in well-known scenes of famous movies & TV series.
West meets East: SVOD Europe Conference outcomes
     Ukrainian project Wishround, presenting an e-commerce engine for performing social payments and group purchases, came in third. All winners will now attend and present at the Silicon Valley Open Doors conference in the United States on May 25th this year.
West meets East: SVOD Europe Conference outcomes
“What really makes this event a success is the high quality of startups involved, and for investors it is interesting to see who will capture the imagination – you are afraid to miss out on a hot investment!” said Alexander Galitsky, co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners. “This event is where Western Europe meets Eastern and Central Europe as well as the USA and we were certainly introduced to some very promising companies.”
West meets East: SVOD Europe Conference outcomes
     Damian Byrne, PwC Partner, added: “Talent is the key driver of success. It’s also very important to invest at the outset in the support structures, including IP, legal, finance and tax. Early errors can prove to be very difficult, expensive and time-consuming to correct.”
     Denis Dovgopoliy, Executive director of SVOD Europe: “The idea behind the event is to provide a platform for efficient networking between entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe and investors and experts from Western Europe and Silicon Valley. With a 3:1 ratio i.e one investor to every three entrepreneurs there was a high level of interest and excellent networking opportunities for both at the event”.

     Denis Dovgopoliy is a leading member of the Ukrainian VC and entrepreneurial community, Managing Partner of GrowthUP Group, as well as co-founder and president of the GrowthUP Accelerator.He is also a co-founder or executive committee member of various events, including iForum, Silicon Valley Open Doors, IDCEE, Startup Crash Test, Kyiv Startup Week, and others. Prior to GrowthUP Group, Denis held C-level positions and completed several exits with Ukrainian companies.

     Denis Dovgopoliy will be a speaker on International Investor Day in Vilnius. You have a marvelous opportunity to meet Denis and learn more about the investment climate in the CEE region!

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