Visualize the infosphere with the Architecture of Radio

Visualize the infosphere with the Architecture of Radio
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     Think of all the complicated networks of signals, radio waves and various data streams piercing space around us. Not hard to be with such a big number of access points, cell towers and other systems supporting our means of communication and navigation. We are totally surrounded by so called infosphere, consisting of numerous wired and wireless signals. And now you have a great chance to see this parallel reality with the help of new iPad application known as the Architecture of Radio.

     The Architecture of Radio performs real-time visualization of signals, produced by Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, communication satellites and other signal-based systems. You can see any location in another dimension, full of clouds, peaks, zeros and ones. You just need to install the Architecture of Radio application on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy this extraordinary view.
Visualize the infosphere with the Architecture of Radio
       This masterpiece is a project, created by the artist Richard Vijgen, a real professional in object oriented design and research. According to Richard, the aim of the project is to give people an idea of what they are really surrounded by, to show them how sophisticated our reality is by hiding everything evident and reflecting all that is usually invisible. The Architecture of Radio will always help you find out if there is mobile or Wi-Fi connection around, which is quite helpful when you appear in a new place.

      At the moment, Richard Vijgen’ project is presented as a part of the exhibition in Karlsruhe Center for Art and Media, Germany, where it will be demonstrated until April 2016. The launch of the Architecture of Radio for iOS is planned at the end of 2015, with the Android version following at the beginning of 2016. Do not forget to download this magic app and check the infosphere around, you will be surprised.

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