Unemployment boosts mobile job marketplace startups

Unemployment boosts mobile job marketplace startups
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     “Everything is going mobile”, “Mobile is eating the world” – you must have heard it so many times already or even become aware of it just by noticing how much time you spend with your smartphone. It has become a must for any company to have their own mobile app, as long as they want to survive the competition and keep the customers’ loyalty. At the age of peer-to-peer economy, empowered by digital technologies, people now tend to look for a job via mobile apps. And this is proved by the growing number of startups developing mobile job marketplaces that become truly popular among local users.
According to Tech.eu, 24 European projects providing job marketplaces have raised more funds in the first half of 2016 than in the entire year of 2015. In money equivalent, it is €61 million compared to €53 million of investment within the same category in 2015.

Unemployment boosts mobile job marketplace startups

Source: tech.eu

     Worth noticing, the job marketplace boom is strongly influenced by startups that enter the industry with exclusive mobile apps finding popularity among both job seekers and those in search of new employees. The key word here is “mobile”, since particularly this approach makes the job marketplace sector so easy-to-enter for early stage companies coming up with lots of innovative ideas.

Unemployment boosts mobile job marketplace startups

Source: tech.eu

Here are just a few examples of the latest European startup funding deals in job-searching mobile apps:

CornerJob (Spain) – €12 million
Jobtoday (Luxemburg) – €9.1 million
TrueLinked (Denmark) – €2.1 million
Catapult (UK) – €1.4 million.

     For now, most large countries in Europe have seen the launch of similar mobile apps. In Southern Europe, Jobtoday and CornerJob are definitely stealing the show, since the unemployment rates are high (like elsewhere in Europe) and people are always searching or considering certain changes in their careers. CEE countries are still lacking such mobile-first approach in job-seeking industry – desktop platforms and even newspapers are still in demand!

     Looking for something in your mobile phone is really convenient, people enjoy this peer-to-peer relationship when you can easily approach someone or check something out within a few seconds. This is all about the so-called gig economy: individuals meet each other on virtual marketplaces (like Airbnb, Uber etc.) and make temporary or short-term deals. So the trend of mobile job marketplaces is what will obviously evolve in the nearest future. And startups are very likely to take the largest market share.

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