Ukrainian startup launches augmented reality video messenger

Ukrainian startup launches augmented reality video messenger
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Ukrainian startup launches augmented reality video messenger

     Brainberry Global, a Ukrainian augmented reality team, has launched a curious video, messenger. It features leaving video messages on physical objects. Imagine a birthday present with a video of all your friends singing “Happy birthday”. Pretty sweet, huh?

     Minute of Life is a service that allows you to do just that with its new feature. To leave such a message you require two things: an iOS or Android smartphone with Minute of Life app installed, a virtual marker or a physical marker.The service works like this: a client buys a virtual or a physical marker which is a .pdf, .jpeg or .png image. The former can be read from a screen while the latter is printed on a physical object like a bag, a piece of clothing or a cup. The receiver later reads the marker’s QR-code via Minute of Life app, points the device’s camera on the marker and enjoys the video. The physical object video is quite flexible as it adjusts to the physical object. Say, if the t-shirt the video is played is stretched to the right, the video borders expand to the right too.

     The beta of the service was launched back in 2014 though the content was a little different. It was a video letter service where a client shot a message and the service sent it at a state time. The new feature has already passed 100 sales and is going to be available for the USA, Ukraine and the Balkan states.

     Right now the project is funded by Brainberry Global private funds and angel investors. A revolutionary idea and a fun and simple implementation makes this service quite promising. Hope it is going to live up to expectations.

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