Ukrainian programmer created an “immigration” website

Ukrainian programmer created an “immigration” website
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     Alexey Pavlenko, a code developer from Ukraine, created a website, serving a helpful immigration guide the source contains hundreds of real stories by former USSR citizens about their immigration experiences and life abroad.

     The business idea is partially based on personal experience (not long ago, Alexey moved to Poland). The developer admits the Internet is filled with loads of travel intermediary commercials: there are a lot of so-called ‘services’, assisting with immigration from Ukraine for example. But in most cases, it’s just money laundering, or you eventually face some unexpected problems.

Ukrainian programmer created an “immigration” website

     According to Alexey, he and his friends became victims of such ‘helpers’: “We got to Poland through starting our own company there. But somehow they ‘forgot’ to tell us that for further residence permit extension we have to earn around 30 thousand euros per year. The maximum income amount is also limited unless you have a VAT certificate. Plus some other nuances.”
    In other words, the guys lacked some really important information on formal issues. Then Alexey realized it’s much better to do everything on your own, just studying someone else’s experience. In this case, bloggers turn out to be the most acceptable information sources. This is how Alexey’s idea was born: to unite all bloggers, writing about immigration, on one website and add text scripts to each video. Texts will help users find the necessary information faster and then watch the video part if needed.
    Alexey found people capturing text from videos through the online labor exchange. Besides, he contacted every blogger and asked for permission to use their content. Now is a website with more than 200 articles and videos, sharing useful details about life in the USA, Poland, Canada, and Germany. Alexey now plans to add other countries and around 100 new bloggers

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