Ukrainian Leantegra has raised $1 mln of investments

Ukrainian Leantegra has raised $1 mln of investments
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      The year has just started and we already find out about new successful deals made with startuppers from Ukraine. Recently, the startup team Leantegra has disclosed another round of seed investment equal to $132 000. In total, the year of Leantegra existence has resulted in $1 mln of seed funding, which came from American investor Antonio Gines and one Ukrainian capitalist, whose name is currently concealed. Antonio Gines is an entrepreneur and investor in IT and medical projects. Now he is also a co-founder of Leantegra, since he provided the investments in return for the company share, the size of which is also unknown yet. Ukrainian Leantegra has raised $1 mln of investments
      Leantegra is a Ukrainian company, which positions itself as a software and hardware manufacturer. Its initial co-founders are CEO Oleg Puzanov and CMO Valery Chekalkin. The project deals with the development of real-time location platform, performing sensing and analytics of incoming data. Such RTLS services collect location data about people in airports, museums, shopping malls etc. and mainly targeted at digital and marketing agencies, which will get an access to information about the most popular routes in the building, models and operation systems of visitors’ smartphones and so on. At the moment, Leantegra solution is being tested in the shopping centre “ArtMall” in Kiev and also in Tel-Aviv.
Ukrainian Leantegra has raised $1 mln of investments
      According to Leantegra startup team, it took them almost eight months to accomplish the first round of seed investment. After that, another portion of seed investments was attracted as a result of ten personal meetings with the Ukrainian investor. The money will be directed on development costs coverage and also on hardware manufacturing in Ukraine. Leantegra startup has already signed preliminary agreements with clients from Israel, UAE, Great Britain and Ukraine.
      All this looks like a good start of 2016 for Ukrainian startup scene.

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