three D.I.Y. vacation crafts that are ho! ho! oh! so straightforward to make


When it comes to decking the halls, Los Angeles-primarily based “design whisperer” Lauren Makk knows her way about a glue gun.

A self-described DIY-aholic, Makk’s capabilities shine on shows like “Home Created Simple” on the Oprah Winfrey Network and “Shop Class,” a new DIY competitors for youngsters debuting on Disney+ this month. “I generally encourage folks to attempt DIY,” mentioned Makk, “there’s no harm in attempting it and if you do not do a wonderful job you know what you did incorrect and you can go back and repair it.”

Her assistance: Know your limits and begin smaller to create self-assurance, patience and strategy.

“For me, crafting is my therapy,” mentioned Makk, “being in a position to sit in front of anything with a hot glue gun, I get a lot out of that.

For the vacation season, Makk is sharing 3, price range-friendly crafts that get in touch with for very easily accessible supplies and varying levels of talent: DIY table chargers, present-worthy modern clay coasters and upcycled lawn decor with Christmas-y curb appeal.

Get charged up!

Lauren Makk craft

Gold chargers on the table are a no-brainer, but blue and white or red and green combinations are also very good possibilities.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

Areas, absolutely everyone. These straightforward, peasy DIY chargers elevate a vacation tablescape.

Supplies: Ruler, parchment paper, glue sticks, glue gun, spray paint in colour of your decision. Consider alternating chargers of silver and gold, red and green, or blue and white for a festive table.

1. Trace an oversized charger — that is the decorative plate that sits beneath the serving plate — or draw a 13-inch diameter circle onto a piece of parchment paper.

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two. Applying a hot glue gun, drizzle inside the whole surface of the circle with a webbing of glue. Pro tip: This craft calls for a lot of glue sticks. Be ready. Makk employed at least 4 10-inch glue sticks in her complete-sized glue gun, per charger.

Craft charger

D.I.Y. crafted charger.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

three. Let dry for about 5 minutes, till cool.

four. Meanwhile, prepare a painting location: Cover a flat surface with newspaper, or a drop cloth.

five. After the glue is dry, peel off the parchment paper and location on covered surface. Lightly spray one particular side at a time, enabling to dry for 10 to 15 minutes prior to flipping more than to finish.


Peel off charger from parchment paper.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

six. Repeat procedure as required for every charger.

Bonus: Even though excellent for the holidays, chargers can be place to use all through the year for other specific occasions.


Custom coasters

Custom coasters

Custom D.I.Y coasters

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

Coffee tables and celebration surfaces are one particular factor we do not want to place a ring on. Preserve it classy. Generating these in custom colors can personalize celebration decor, or make clever DIY gifts.

Supplies: Polymer clay, baking sheets, parchment paper, crafting knife, cork board, cutting location, fine-grain sandpaper, painting pens and glue

1. Pick out 3 or additional colors of polymer, oven-bake clay (like Sculpey, obtainable at and craft retailers. Start out by breaking cubes in half.

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two. Roll every piece individually in your hands till malleable sufficient to produce a extended, snake-y tube shape. Repeat with every colour.

three. Line up the colored tubes side-by-side on a table and twist them into a single strand. Roll the significant strand into a ball to completely combine the colors.


Line up the colored tubes side-by-side on a table and twist them into a single strand.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

four. Applying a rolling pin, or anything equivalent, roll the clay into an even ¼-inch thickness. (Pro tip: Putting two current coasters underneath every side of the rolling pin though rolling can aid realize the excellent thickness.)

five. Applying a circular cookie cutter, or a template of your personal style, reduce coasters from the clay dough and location them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

six. Bake the coasters at 275 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Let cool.

7. Meanwhile, trace the identical template shape onto a thin sheet of hobby cork. Reduce a backing for every coaster.

Craft coasters

Meanwhile, trace the identical template shape onto a thin sheet of hobby cork. Reduce a backing for every coaster.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

eight. After the clay has cooled to the touch, smooth any rough edges with a fine-grain sandpaper. Use a metallic gold or silver paint pen or gold or silver leaf paint the outer rims of the coasters.

9. Soon after the paint has dried, hot glue the cork backing to every coaster.


Lollipop curb appeal


The lollipop stick is a swimming pool noodle lawn stakes will aid retain it in location. You can paint it, but you do not have to.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

Make gingerbread home decor by upcycling final summer’s pool noodles. Get inventive with the colors to make them seasonally festive.

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Supplies: foam pool noodles, colored duct tape, heavy-duty exterior mounting tape, electric drill with additional significant drill bit, PVC pipe or dowel, cellophane wrap, wide ribbon optional: hot glue/glue gun, spray paint and lawn stakes

1. Wrap colored duct tape in a loose spiral down the length of the pool noodle. Use a single colour of tape, or repeat the procedure with several colors. (For bigger lollipops hot-glue two pool noodles with each other finish-to-finish.)

two. Affix a line of heavy-duty exterior mounting tape down one particular side of the noodle.

three. Pressing and holding firmly, roll the noodle along the tape into a significant spiral shape. (The finish of the noodle will rebel against becoming taped down, we tied a piece of ribbon — while a string or extended rubber band could also operate — about the diameter of the spiral to hold the finish down and then applied generous amounts of hot glue to the finish.) Let the glue dry for at least 30 minutes, or till the noodle is secured in location prior to taking off the ribbon.

Pool noodle lollipop

Step by step on how to make a Lollipop Craft by Interior designer Lauren Makk.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

four. Pick out a drill bit that matches the diameter of the dowel or PVC pipe. Make a single hole in the outdoors edge of the spiral for inserting the “stick.” If needed, stabilize with hot glue.

five. Reduce a thin piece of PVC pipe or wooden dowel to the length you wish for your lollipop stick and insert it securely into the hole, utilizing glue if needed. Makk spray painted her stick, but you can leave unpainted according to your decor.

six. Drape the lollipop with a significant square sheet of cellophane (Makk chose an irridescent, mother of pearl colour) and collect it about the stick.

Pool noodle

Drape the lollipop with a significant square sheet of cellophane and collect it about the stick.

(Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Instances)

7. Safe it tightly with wide ribbon and tie it into a bow.

eight. Get inventive: Line a walkway with the lollipops, or use them to decorate planters, tie onto porch railings, hang on a front door, or accessorize the garden for super sweet vacation style. Pro tip: Securing the lollipop sticks onto lawn stakes planted into the ground will aid them stand upright.