The significance of Water Filters and Coffee



More than 85% of an espresso consists of water, and it can make a massive distinction to the taste of a coffee based on the water it is produced with.

Water varies significantly across the UK, and the planet, with water supplies coming from numerous various sources and becoming processed in numerous strategies. It depends on regional geology, with 60% of the nation possessing “hard” water, which signifies it consists of a bigger quantity of mineral deposits.

These mineral deposits lead to scale inside plumbing and machines, as effectively as alter the taste of the water we drink in turn altering the way coffee tastes.

Filtering your water just before it reaches the espresso machine is a system of maintaining your water excellent constant, and stopping your coffee machine from scaling up.

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This can lessen the likelihood of your machine breaking down, and is a essential element of maintaining your regular coffee machine operating smoothly.

Water Filter Cleaning Coffee

When does the filter need to have to be changed?

Water filters really should be changed at common intervals, which depends on which filter you are making use of, and how a lot water is passing by way of it – as effectively as the level of water hardness in your region.

The a lot more coffees you are creating on a day to day basis, the a lot more frequently it is suggested to alter your filters.

A excellent beginning point is altering your water filters on an annual basis, despite the fact that if you run a busy web-site it might be suggested that alterations are carried out a lot more often.

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Calcium therapy units are purposefully developed to be made use of with industrial coffee machines. They support safeguard the circulation technique of your coffee machines. Every little thing from the boiler, steam wands, hot water tap and internal piping can be covered with limescale if water is not treated or filtered just before getting into the technique.

Filtering your water guarantees only the all-natural flavours of the coffee stay in the drink, retaining all the flavour notes and maintaining a constant flavour that you and your prospects like.

We have a variety of servicing solutions, as effectively as provide and fitting of a calcium therapy unit. Obtain out a lot more on our Coffee Machine Service web page.


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