The most popular startup ideas in 2016 according to CEE analysts

The most popular startup ideas in 2016 according to CEE analysts
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      Regional experts, working in investment funds and constantly staying in touch with the local startup community, recently named the leading industries, where most of the 2015 startup ideas originated in. This information may also partially reflect the development trends for 2016.
      First of all, analysts of the Russian investment fund, LETA Capital presented their yearly report on startup investments and disclosed the origins of applications. The report was built on a sample of more than 1800 projects at the seed stage. Among the leaders are various search services, aggregators and classifieds, together with a wide range of hardware projects. Worth noticing, there are some fields in which the number of funding applications has declined: B2B-Analytics, business optimization tools, healthcare, health trackers (which have been popular just several months ago). Fintech startups have remained on the same level.
The most popular startup ideas in 2016 according to CEE analysts
LETA Capital has indicated 35 most popular startup ideas in 2015, top 10 of which are:

  1. aggregators dealing with automobile and transportation
  2. real estate classifieds
  3. booking services
  4. Uber for doctors (special services for doctoral home visits)
  5. smart home automation products
  6. drones and capturers
  7. unique 3D-printers
  8. VR-headsets
  9. secure messengers
  10. “self-development” social networks

In total, the startups in cooperation with LETA Capital fund have applied for $2.48 bln of seed funds in 2015.

      LETA Capital managing partner Alexander Chachava comments:

“In my point of view, the most perspective industries are big data, the Internet of things, robotics software solutions and virtual reality. Investors also take a closer look at fintech startups, since there is another revolution coming in that field.”

     Several more individual experts have made their predictions about perspective startup industries in 2016.

Alexander Korchevsky, I2BF partner:
“I would name several promising trends for 2016: the Internet of Things security, VR content, launch of the new transportation paradigm (autonomous driving, hyperloop project promotion).”

Pavel Bogdanov, Almaz Capital partner:

“As an investor, I am going to concentrate on blockchain, security and corporate cloud technologies in 2016.”

Alexey Tuknov, investment director in Maxfield Capital:

“The international venture fund Maxfield Capital cooperates with pipelines from Russia, Europe, the US and Israel. I would personally mark the increasing number of B2B cloud solutions (including SaaS), Online2Offline platforms and data projects.”

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