From Budapest Stock Exchange senior analyst to VC working with startup teams

      Have you ever wondered what makes all those venture capital firms’ workers choose some particular startup projects, support them throughout the development process and believe in their grand success? What kind of people venture capitalists are and how they appeared to change their previous working fields for the startup movement? One of the CEE venture capital heroes tells about her major experience and shares her personal view of the current CEE ecosystem.      Eva Rez works as an Investment Director at Day One Capital, a venture capital firm in Hungary providing financial support to the early…

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Co-working, co-development and co-living

Modern startuppers are people used to various types of cooperation and networking since pulling separate ideas and experience together usually leads to the pleasure of mutual success. That is why there are so many co-working spaces and group events organized in many cities all over the world. One of the latest trends in startup communities deals with setting up co-living places for the people with the same business lifestyles. That is how Kirill and Sergey Sopots started their new rental business in San Francisco instead of following the initial idea of launching another startup project. The Ukrainian guys were not the pioneers…

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