SAAS Meetup

A place-to-be if you are developing a SaaS product! For one day this conference will unite B2B SaaS companies, startups, mentors and investors! Join informative group discussions, enjoy the great tech keynotes and share the expertise. Startups, do not miss the chance to meet 30 mentors ready to give you valuable SaaS advice and, who knows, cooperate in the future.

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Building a successful SaaS software company
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      This is one of the most discussed and widely analyzed topics in the modern business field. As SaaS model continues to advance and attracts more and more potential tech designers and businessmen by reduced costs and a relatively short implementation period, it has become a dream for most of the software developers to build a big company in such a promising field. Techcrunch editors are also doing some research and have so far come up with a database of 66 outstanding SaaS companies with more than 1 billion dollars value.       Most of these companies…

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