Startup accelerators invade Europe

     Several years ago accelerators were so rare in Europe (especially its eastern part), that forward-looking entrepreneurs (now commonly known as perspective startuppers) were ready to move their early-stage businesses to another country in order to try luck in being selected by accelerators and getting professional guidance within project development. Today Europe is claimed to be the world leader in the number of accelerators.      If you confuse accelerators with incubators from time to time, here is a short reminder of what the first ones are involved in:      Accelerators are professional organizations, or expert communities, offering…

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SAAS Meetup

A place-to-be if you are developing a SaaS product! For one day this conference will unite B2B SaaS companies, startups, mentors and investors! Join informative group discussions, enjoy the great tech keynotes and share the expertise. Startups, do not miss the chance to meet 30 mentors ready to give you valuable SaaS advice and, who knows, cooperate in the future.

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Collision ALPHA

Collision is a popular American tech conference, which has become truly international in two years and attracted numerous startups, company executives and investors from more than 50 countries. Every week they pick up startups from around the globe for their ALPHA exhibition. The lucky ones get the opportunity to present their project to the international audience, get access to Investor Office Hours, Mentor Hours and many more.

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