New wave of real estate investing empowered by startups

     For most people the word “bubble” is immediately associated either with tech or real estate. In recent years, these two industries have brought “unforgettable” experiences to many of those who risked pouring all their money in tech ventures or real estate in the hope of getting huge profits (and some people really did succeed!). As an asset, real estate is renowned for high returns in low-interest-rate environments and a long-term appreciation potential. What makes more and more people consider investing in this industry today is an opportunity to do it globally and independently of the location – all…

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Investing in emerging startup ecosystems

     Emerging economies are believed to possess a great development potential and are proved to have much higher rates of economic growth in comparison with the developed world of the USA and Western Europe for example, where most of the major economic achievements were made years before. Those promising ecosystems, which are being built almost from scratch, attract more and more investors from abroad, who see there an alternative business space in terms of tough competition with venture funds, angels and other capitalists in the saturated markets of West. CEE region is one of those new presumably perspective spots…

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Angellist: infinite profits with no capital – pros and cons

Can you imagine a hotel that does not own a single piece of property? Or a taxi business with no cars in its fleet? Ten years ago it was nigh but impossible. Nowadays it is a reality. So it is possible to become the most profitable venture fund without a cent of capital? The answer is Angellist. To explain how Angellist, supposedly, works, one should elaborate how a traditional venture fund works. So, there are limited partners who invest and general partners or management who run the whole thing. For example, limited partners invest $500 million for 10 years. General…

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