New wave of real estate investing empowered by startups

     For most people the word “bubble” is immediately associated either with tech or real estate. In recent years, these two industries have brought “unforgettable” experiences to many of those who risked pouring all their money in tech ventures or real estate in the hope of getting huge profits (and some people really did succeed!). As an asset, real estate is renowned for high returns in low-interest-rate environments and a long-term appreciation potential. What makes more and more people consider investing in this industry today is an opportunity to do it globally and independently of the location – all…

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Europe heads up the world tech

    Silicon Valley has been a globally recognized leader in tech development and a key trendsetter in the latest years. Meanwhile, European hubs have been trying hard to catch up with the American competitors. And now the international experts talk about a negative valuation trend occurring among the US companies: valuations of several fast-developing tech firms have notably decreased. This can also be seen in a Downround Tracker prepared by CB Insights and analyzing unicorns that recently failed, where more than 80% of the listed startups originate in the US. Surprisingly, this negative wave hasn’t yet spread on to…

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