Hyperloop One: $80 million closer to the transportation revolution

     If you were to scroll down the official website of Hyperloop One, promising phrases, such as ‘welcome to the future’, ‘be anywhere. move anything. connect everyone’, ‘the future is happening’, ‘team of the future’ would definitely catch your eye. Yet, these promises are not just ambiguous promises and events that took place this week confirm the official start of the transportation revolution. Behind The Big Idea      Hyperloop is a revolutionary transportation system that is set to transport goods and people at a very high speed and low cost. Elon Musk, whose concern about transportation has arisen…

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Europe’s biggest Kickstarter project fails

       Last November the British company Torquing Group launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and soon managed to raise more than $3.6 million. Recently the company announced its liquidation due to some “irreconcilable differences”. Who could expect that? Now it is very unlikely the project’s backers will receive their money back.        Torquing Group was going to supply mini-drones named Zano, which can be described as autonomous quadrocaptureres for the aerial photo- and video shooting. Also, there were several cool features designed: the device can follow its owner and capture videos or the owner can direct…

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Startups needed in FinTech sector

     Do you have an idea what FinTech industry is actually about? What is its real potential? And are there lots of business opportunities? In recent years, FinTech has been widely discussed in numerous business events and government meetings all over the world. It is also one of the leading IT fields bringing innovations to the banking sector and to the whole social system in general.      In a brief, FinTech has been known as a business field dealing with the development of software that automates financial services. Traditionally, startups have been those enterprises bringing revolutionary changes to…

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