Equerest investment platform launched in Ukraine

      How long does it take an average startup to sign a deal with investors? How fast do investors find quality projects with high prospects for returns? Mostly, both sides experience certain difficulties while searching for business opportunities. What could make the whole process more efficient and convenient is some sort of organized communication between the pools of business counterparts. Equerest, a new investment platform in Ukraine, has all the chances to facilitate that constantly growing flow of deals led by local startups and capitalists. The platform positions itself as a specific search service allowing entrepreneurs to introduce…

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More and more investors in search of hardware startups

As today we live in the era of services and information, it almost never comes to our minds that real sector production is still necessary and can actually be profitable. In this connection, most modern investors are pretty skeptical about projects dealing with any kind of manufacturing and consider it to be a risky business with relatively low returns. However, in recent years we have observed a rising trend in hardware startups’ investments, with some major capitalists concentrated particularly on this field. Thus, some device companies managed to raise more than 1 million funds each from private venture capitalists and…

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