Spectacular science: Robotics Expo 2015

Spectacular science: Robotics Expo 2015
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      It seems like there is no conference today, where organizers wouldn’t include some demo spot devoted to robots in a certain field: all those startup exhibitions, banking forums, and even music fests captivate their audience with smart machines doing incredible things right in front of you. Obviously, robotics is rapidly growing nowadays in all countries. On November 20-22 there was a grand event called Robotics Expo 2015, an international exhibition of robotics and hi-tech, in Moscow. More than 500 tech specialists and industry entrepreneurs gathered in the Convention and Exhibition Center “Sokolniki” in order to discuss the future of robotics and technology.
Spectacular science: Robotics Expo 2015
       Robotics Expo was held for the third time already and as usually, set its main agenda to deal with the task of building the national robotization system. In total, more than 50 Russian and foreign speakers performed during the conference: innovative tech developers, companies’ representatives, famous futurologists shared their great ideas in front of the robotics community and suggested some changes. Thus, Andrei Azarov noticed that integrating the vision capability in robots would be very favorable, since that would help control a 3D-printing process and, therefore, improve products’ quality.
      Roundtable discussions also brought a number of significant outcomes. One of the roundtable members, Alexey Yashin (FANUC Russia), claimed the next stage of robotics development, carried out by industrial companies, will be based on empowering robots with senses: human emotions recognition, mimicry, and gestures.
Spectacular science: Robotics Expo 2015
      Not surprisingly, Robotics Expo invited startups to participate in this amazing scientific forum. Organizers even prepared Speed Dealing activity, where 14 investors met 18 promising startups. Three most outstanding projects were awarded certificates granting free participation in profile events hosted by Arhimed company.
      The Robotics Expo itself gathered unique participants. Vector Group presented incredible industrial robots KUKA and laser Jedi swords.
Spectacular science: Robotics Expo 2015
      Intelligent Stewart Ltd brought a unique VR helmet and a robot friend for children, able to serve as a domestic security system. Drones, 3D-printers, personal and industrial robots and many more highly intelligent machines were demonstrated during Robotics Expo 2015. This was a demonstration of our future.

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