Smart LEGO teaches children programming

Smart LEGO teaches children programming
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     Today even children can learn programming basics with the help of educational robot constructed by the children themselves. A startup project named Robo Wunderkind was recently presented at Disrupt Conference in San Francisco and already launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
Smart LEGO teaches children programming
     This ‘smart LEGO’ was designed and developed by an international team of startuppers from Ukraine, India, Austria and the US headed by a Kazakhstani tech genius Rustem Akishbekov. Robo Wunderkind can be described as a box of smart bricks filled with electronics. These separate blocks then get attached to each other and represent a robot integrated with a special app on a tablet for example. Robo Wunderkind developers first had a challenge of creating the technology that would allow wireless connection of the bricks. When this task got solved, they got this smart LEGO kit where each block performs different functions: distance, humidity sensors, engines and others.
Smart LEGO teaches children programming
      To give commands to the constructed robot and thus make it move, players have to write an easy algorithm, which actually does not imply real coding, children just have to move the blocks and see how every new position affects the robot’s actions. Such robot constructors are now available on Android and iOS.
Smart LEGO teaches children programming
     Rustem Akishbekov came up with the idea of creating such an educational robot in 2013 and already in 2014 his team presented a video about Robo Wunderkind to several investments and venture funds in Kazakhstan, won their first grant of 10 000 dollars and continued to participate in various accelerators under the name of their newly created company – Robo Technologies, Inc. Soon Robo Technologies, Inc. were lucky to get noticed by Disney accelerator organizers, who matched them with a huge American fund SOS Ventures. Finally, the project Robo Wunderkind raised 200 000 dollars of investment from the fund and some anonymous angel investors.

     At the moment, Robo Technologies, Inc. are planning to start regular-basis procurement of the smart robots to their distributors already in summer 2016. The pre-order can be made via Kickstarter at the price of 149 dollars for 9 bricks and, 249 dollars for 15 bricks and 399 dollars for 25. The Kickstarter campaign is to get closed by the end of October with the target funds of 70 000 dollars.

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