Rubylight – new-concept Latvian investment company

Rubylight – new-concept Latvian investment company
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     Today many startup companies, positioned as B2C businesses, experience difficulty finding the right investors: even judging by the Slush and SV2B attendees, most of the investment companies target B2B sector. Rubylight is one of the few investment companies working with B2C projects. The company was founded by former tech entrepreneurs in Riga, Latvia, and until now it has a remarkable portfolio of successful projects.

      Rubylight was started by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with impressive tech and business backgrounds. The founders also participated in building scalable B2C projects before, most of them worked as partners for more than 10 years. They all have a good understanding of the challenges that growing B2C startups face with and know how to deal with them. Their key principle is to focus on user results, not the immediate financial gains.

       To make it clear, Rubylight is a multi-functional investment company: besides funds, the guys help startups scale their projects and develop the technology. Depending on the level of each startup growth, Rubylight performs as an involved tech partner or just as a passive investor. With a huge experience of approaching hockey stick B2C startups’ growth, Rubylight experts can foresee potential crashes and help startups prevent them. Usually, Rubylight cooperates with startups at the rather early growth stage, especially the projects, already facing certain user growth surges. As soon as the cooperation deal is signed, Rubylight group apply their exceptional expertise to help the startup company gather a well-balanced team, comprising all the necessary talents: they provide training and mentorship to newly hired members until the team is ready to work on a new technology. Sometimes, Rubylight even assists with product development when it is necessary.
Rubylight – new concept Latvian investment company
  So what are the focus areas that Rubylight invests in? According to their investment strategy, Rubylight picks up B2C startup projects related to user-generated content in such fields as social media, crowdsourcing, content sharing and, most recently, blockchains. At the same time, Rubylight initially rejects cooperation with B2B companies, dealing in hardware or chemical compounds. Although these areas are quite perspective nowadays, Rubylight is not able to provide non-monetary value to those projects.
Rubylight – new concept Latvian investment company
     If you wonder how to reach Rubylight, here are several pieces of information the guys need to get from you in order to consider cooperation with you:

  1. A general statement of the B2C company mission and target field.
  2. A link to the service.
  3. Most recent user statistics.

     Although it seems pretty easy, all these requirements should be taken seriously.Among Rubylight portfolio, projects are already such startups as (Latvia), Taxify (Estonia), Peerby (Netherlands), Likealocal (Netherlands), Drugvokrug (Russia).
     That was another example of cooperation between local investment companies and startuppers in the CEE region. Never stop searching for partners, they can be anywhere!

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