New LinguaTrip feature allow startups to get hosted by Valley mentor

New LinguaTrip feature allow startups to get hosted by Valley mentor
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New LinguaTrip feature allow startups to get hosted by Valley mentor
     Silicon Valley is a magnet for businesses all over the globe. Still, many factors prevent ambitious businesses from entering the Valley despite the fact that most businessmen there are immigrants. One of the considerable factors is language. Proper English is an absolute must for anyone wishing to work in the most advanced IT-business hub in the world. So, what is the next best thing for those wishing to enter the Valley and learn English? Being hosted by a Valley mentor. This is a service offered by LinguaTrip that has lately been the talk of the startup community.

     LinguaTrip is a Ukrainian startup offering students of languages an opportunity to study the language by living with a native speaker host. So this new option is like a mixture of LinguaTrip and Airbnb for startups.

     There are two options available now – for businessmen looking for a host, and for Valley mentors looking to host. All they have to do is to fill in the respective form. After submitting the form, all candidates are evaluated to shortlist random people. After all, not just everyone can waltz into the house of a VentureBeat journalist.

     Startuppers already have an opportunity to apply. They need to submit information about themselves, their startup, duration of stay and the number of mentorship hours they are looking for. The latter, along with the mentor they want to be hosted by, is the service’s price maker.

     The idea of the service came to the founders Dmitry Pistolyako and Marina Mogilko who believe the best way to learn a language is to talk about what you love in that language. So why not talk business with the Valley pros?

     LinguaTrip’s offer of a lifetime has shaken the startup community to the core. Will it be popular among ambitious startuppers and experienced businessmen eager to be a part of the Silicon Valley? Time will tell.

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