Mystery of the 21st century: Bitcoin creator finally revealed?

Mystery of the 21st century: Bitcoin creator finally revealed?
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     Since 2009, when the first digital currency was presented to the whole world under the name “Bitcoin” by someone Satoshi Nakamoto, numerous media have been launching grand investigation campaigns in order to unmask this unreachable creator. In 2014, Newsweek announced they had found “Satoshi Nakomoto” – a 64-year-old Japanese American Dorian Nakamoto (birth name Satoshi) living near Los Angeles. Later this statement proved false and ended up with a lawsuit by Dorian Nakamoto against Newsweek on the basis of “turning his life completely upside down”.

Mystery of the 21st century: Bitcoin creator finally revealed?

     The latest provocative statement concerned with disclosure of Satoshi Nakamoto identity was made by Wired magazine at the end of 2015. The article, where Andy Greenberg and Gwern Branwen put the details of their investigation, says that “Satoshi Nakamoto” is a pseudonym made up by a 44-year-old cryptologist Craig Steven Wright from Australia, who is very likely to be connected to the creation of Bitcoin.
     Wired published the leaked documents, reflecting communication between Wright and his lawyers, where one interesting line emerged: “I did my best to try and hide the fact that I’ve been running Bitcoin since 2009”. In addition, Wired reporters managed to reach Wright via email and even led a short conversation with him, where the mysterious man admits to “being vulnerable”: “You seem to know a few things. More than you should”.

Mystery of the 21st century: Bitcoin creator finally revealed?

      After Wired published their sensational report, Dr Wright’s blog was taken offline and Twitter account got deleted short after. According to the available online sources, Dr Wright is running DeMorgan Ltd, an “alternative currency” company in Sydney.
      It is definitely worth reading the whole Wired article describing their exciting investigation. In short, they provide enough facts to assume that Craig Steven Wright is a mysterious Bitcoin creator:
-several blog posts concerned with expertise in cryptocurrencies and published long before the Bitcoin launch
-a post about the launch of Bitcoin, which was later replaced by a short statement: “the best way to hide is right in the open”
-leaked emails and transcripts, confirming Wright’s ownership of huge Bitcoin stashes, on top of that being invested in founding a Bitcoin bank.

Mystery of the 21st century: Bitcoin creator finally revealed?

     At the same time, Wired admits there might be certain holes in their theory, leading to the assumption that this entire story with Dr Wright is a perfectly elaborated hoax: the leaked documents could have been just very well faked. Although the evidence provided is very pretty compelling, there is still no guarantee that Bitcoin creator has been revealed.
     Bitcoin is a digital currency, built around a complicated cryptographic protocol and managed within a global network of computers (blockchain technology). The attitude to Bitcoin is extremely contradictory: mainly because of its anonymous nature, creating a certain base for criminal activity. Bitcoin creator turns out to be impossible to track as well.

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