Lure Deals suggests business strategies based on Pokemon Go quests

Lure Deals suggests business strategies based on Pokemon Go quests
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     In less than one month Pokemon Go has become a real breakthrough in lives of global gamers and even those who have never downloaded any games on their smartphones before. A true nostalgic phenomenon, this app has made millions of people stop watching series at home or wake up from office routine and dive into the real world – get together in public places and explore the cities in pursuit of pokemons. For some reason, not many are actually aware of what a huge influence Pokemon Go has on crowds and how this “mania” can be applied in business development. Indeed, just think of all those pokemon hot spots: typically, the highest activity is noticed near the shopping centers and coffee shops, on main city streets, in parks etc. In other words, pokemons are scattered all over and, most importantly, around numerous businesses of all sizes that can be turned in so called PokeStops! A new startup, Lure Deals is ready to share some tips on how to turn Pokemon Go players into customers.

For those who are not participating in Pokemon Go expeditions yet:

    Pokemon Go players can place their lures (pokemon baits) at a PokeStop, therefore increasing the chances to catch another virtual critter. Lures appear at stops and usually last for 30 minutes.

     So here comes the boom: anything ranging from a park bench to a coffee shop can serve as a PokeStop, where players will definitely show up, and where your business might be located! However, if businesses simply start opening Pokemon Go accounts and buying several lures in order to attract customers, there is no guarantee that players will find out about those particular lures or what’s more, will care about those businesses. Thanks god, Lure Deals, a service developed by TKM Labs, can help to manage this. According to Britt White, the managing partner of this marketing agency, Lure Deals was created with an idea to empower small businesses by leveraging Pokemon Go.
The thing is that small businesses usually don’t take advantages of such kinds of promotions, which is different from large companies: for example, Taco Bell successfully created a Snapchat geofilter that allows people tag themselves at the fast-food restaurants’ locations. Similarly, larger restaurants have already introduced Pokemon Go related specials and promotions.
     Lure Deals startup is now up to help small businesses develop such Pokemon Go initiatives and this way teach them build partnerships with major app companies. At the moment, guys are working on the list of registered Pokemon Go users spread across the US. Later, this network as well as the value proposition to clients will grow.

Lure Deals suggests business strategies based on Pokemon Go quests


How does Lure Deals work?

If you are a player:

     You register on to become a part of the network and eventually receive instructions on how and where to place lures, then claim for premiums to get paid.

If you own a business:

     You sign up on Lure Deals website, fill in all the required information related to your business, set a deal and a corresponding block of time to run that deal. Then Lure Deals announces this deal to the nearby Pokemon Go network of players, who eventually visit your site.

Lure Deals suggests business strategies based on Pokemon Go quests


     So far, there are over 10 pilot business programs running on most trafficked Pokemon Go areas within an experiment. And the good news is that without any real planning, those businesses have experienced from 10 to 20 percent rise in revenues in comparison to the periods without Pokemon Go program.
     TKM Labs and Lure Deals haven’t discussed collaboration with Niantic Labs (Pokemon Go company) yet. Meanwhile, the latter is working hard on an advertising business model. Obviously, a dialog between the two companies is inevitable. Moreover, the business model presented by Lure Deals critically depends on size and quality of the Pokemon network, so it will take time to reach a proper number of users.

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