KNOQ: a forefront innovator in digital content delivery

KNOQ: a forefront innovator in digital content delivery
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      Beacon technologies were on the peak of popularity last year and found a great variety of application uses, all based on location identification. Content delivery is one of the top business applications, associated with beacon technology. In 2014, a Latvian company launched a free smartphone application known as KNOQ, which by now has become famous for its innovative approach in targeted content delivery. The company founder and CEO, Denis Nasarov, is proud to admit that KNOQ team is working hard on changing our perception of reality through creating a certain interactive space around objects, which is supposed to erase boundaries between the digital and physical dimensions.

     So what KNOQ project is about and why has the company managed to establish itself as a leader in the context specific digital content delivery?

    KNOQ uses Bluetooth Low Energy transmission to deliver content to users within the range of iBeacons. The platform’s versatile multi-lingual support enables clients to either upload content in over 35 languages or to have the content automatically translated into the users’ default language. Other features include the use of clients’ branding and corporate colors as well as targeting specific age groups, genders and scheduling the days and times when the content is delivered. KNOQ clients can create their own interactive content which can range from text and picture messages to interaction with the smartphone functions such as making a call, sending a pre-determined text message or e-mail, adding an event into the calendar, saving a contact or being redirected to an external website. KNOQ also provides iBeacon based in-door navigation whilst its reporting tools allow clients to analyze the effectiveness of delivered content.

KNOQ: a forefront innovator in digital content delivery

      Such an impressive range of capabilities and unique features have made KNOQ a real expert in digital communication.
Many global brands have already chosen KNOQ as their location specific communications platform. In less than one year KNOQ has delivered over 500,000 messages in more than 1,500 venues worldwide. KNOQ’s interactive network covers over 2,000,000 square metres in premises such as the Radisson Blu, Pullman and Ambassador hotels, BMW and Volkswagen salons, numerous retail stores, restaurants, clubs, gyms and shopping malls. Being a versatile iBeacon browser, KNOQ can be integrated into third-party platforms whilst its compatibility with all iBeacons further ensures its worldwide growth on the daily basis.

KNOQ: a forefront innovator in digital content delivery

      Recently, the guys have introduced a new feature, called “I, Beacon”, which is designed to generate explosive user growth and change the location specific content delivery landscape. “I, Beacon” enables every KNOQ user to broadcast content to everyone in their immediate vicinity. The opportunities for such broadcasting can range from offering goods and services to simply meeting like-minded people nearby. The key element of such broadcasting is that the sender and the recipient are located near each other and can immediately meet to effect their transaction.

      KNOQ has been established by an international team of professionals with proven track records in IT, finance, private equity, marketing and design. The company is now headquartered in Italy and has built perspective partnerships in 19 countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom. Representing the first iBeacon global network in the Baltic States and an EU-headquartered company, KNOQ IP Limited features two grand projects: KNOQ App (iOS and Android) and KNOQ Cloud Platform. The guys are planning to expand further and become a literally global company, present on all continents. Let’s see how this impressive technology will change the world with beacons.

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