JetCat Games receives grand investment from Lithuanian partners

JetCat Games receives grand investment from Lithuanian partners
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      JetCat Games is a team of startup developers originally coming from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine but now located in Lithuania, like many other teams in search of the better business environment. Their new video game called “Heliborne” has become one of the best latest helicopter simulators and even managed to get EUR 100 000 funds for the further project development.

      According to Raman Ulasau, the co-founder of JetCat Games, in the beginning it was just a kind of hobby. He and his friends worked on this game in their free time and did not even think about turning it into a serious business idea. Moreover, it is not as easy to develop your business and look for some financial support in CIS countries, as it is in Europe. That is why the perspective of the game to become an international success seemed to be unreal.

JetCat Games receives grand investment from Lithuanian partners
      While working on the project, JetCat Games guys were attending various startup events, meetings and conferences where they spoke with numerous experts and investors, trying to convince them in the strong potential of “Heliborne”. In this search of partners, JetCat Games were finally noticed by a Lithuanian venture fund called Practica Capital, who offered them EUR 100 000 for the next stage game engineering. So now the team is based in Lithuania, where they continue working on the project under careful mentorship and support of local professionals.
JetCat Games receives grand investment from Lithuanian partners
      What makes “Heliborne” game such a promising investment object is the excellent graphics and a big collection of legendary helicopters from popular movies and real historical events. The wide range of time and environment scenarios significantly separates this game from others in the same class.
Speaking about JetCat Games success, Raman Ulasau points out the prosperous Lithuanian business environment, encouraging local talents and young minds to learn and develop for the sake of national progress.

      He admits that it is very pleasant to work in such surroundings. Raman strongly advices other developers and startup colleagues to study the target market in detail before demonstrating their project to the important audience: in order to convince people and show your professionalism, you have to know figures and operate with facts. Probably this helped JetCat Games attract such a significant financial help and promote “Heliborne” up to Gamescom level.

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