Innovation Space HUB 4.0 to open in Kiev

Innovation Space HUB 4.0 to open in Kiev
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      The world is on the verge of another industrial revolution, which is inevitably penetrating tech industries through innovative technologies and pulling together such contemporary systems as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Services and the Internet of Things. It seems like Eastern Europe is already getting ready to face the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0): in several weeks they launch a new innovation space HUB 4.0 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Innovation Space HUB 4.0 to open in Kiev
      The platform is to open in December and is supposed to unite developers, scientists and innovators, thus creating the center of intellectual and creative potential. The project was initiated by Valery Omelchenko (head of the local IT Committee) and Ekaterina Yurchenko (one of the most outstanding economists in Ukraine).

      HUB 4.0 salutes 4 basic principles: intellect, innovation, integration and evolution. The organizers build 4 development sections on 1500 sq. m. spot: innovation and education center, co-working space, the business incubator and the gallery of innovations. The last one will provide an opportunity to test and get acquainted with the best Ukrainian projects, meet their developers and become an investor. Another great idea promoted by HUB 4.0 is the creation of the centralized database that will contain the information about Ukrainian innovators and their major achievements. The mission of the HUB is to promote Ukrainian innovative projects.
Innovation Space HUB 4.0 to open in Kiev
      For your information, HUB 4.0 has already announced its Open Call on the web page of their Facebook group! So do not miss out the chance to join! If you are eager to learn, the local education center promises to be extremely interactive and practical and organize regular lectures led by international experts. Those, who really enjoy networking, will be offered 100 fully equipped workplaces within their free space, plus four co-working zones, operating 24 hours. For startuppers HUB 4.0 business incubator will provide the whole package of accompanying services: team building, the project launch, help within fundraising and business model design. Moreover, professional advisors will give instructions on how to actually monetize business ideas in Ukraine.
Innovation Space HUB 4.0 to open in Kiev
      Want to stay tuned and participate in the fourth industrial revolution? Here is HUB 4.0, encouraging you for real actions. The platform is opening in a few weeks already.

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