How to add non-dairy milk solutions to your coffee shop



As we see vegan and vegetarian solutions gradually becoming far more and far more well known, meals and drink establishments are striving to present far more solutions that match these dietary specifications.

In the meals planet we’ve noticed so lots of new plant-primarily based options to well known meals, like the well known “bloody” burgers, which even some of the bigger rapid meals chains have got on board with.

In the planet of coffee, getting non-dairy solutions is becoming a necessity, as options to standard milk are now obtainable in the supermarkets – it is develop into mainstream. Plant-primarily based milk sales in the UK have improved by 30% due to the fact 2015 alone according to marketplace researchers Mintel. That is some speedy development, and the trend seems to be continuing upwards.

For coffee shops, it is a tough selection on which non-dairy milks to stock, and other associated troubles to think about particularly due to the fact there’s so lots of to decide on from, like milk created from Almonds, Soy, Oat, Coconut, Cashew, Macadamia or Rice.

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There’s also some lesser recognized options like Quinoa and Hemp Milk. The most well known appears to be Almond milk, which tends to make up two/three plant primarily based milk sales.

Almond Milk

Produced from ground almonds and water, this milk often may possibly include further thickening agents to give it a superior consistency. It is also lactose absolutely free, creating it perfect for the lactose intolerant.

It is got a smooth, slightly sweet taste – with a slight nutty taste (which is to be anticipated seeing as it is created from a nut!). It is the most well known option to standard milk.

It is unsuitable for individuals with nut allergies, and far more particular Almond allergies. It also consists of zero saturated fat and is low calorie.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is created from reduce or rolled oats that are soaked and blended with water, and then strained. It is absolutely free from lots of of the usual allergens you can obtain in other milks.

Its know to taste very related to cows milk, with a slight oaty aftertaste. It is generally a thicker milk than most other non-dairy milks.

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Some oat milks may possibly not be gluten absolutely free nevertheless, so this is anything crucial to bear in thoughts.

Soy Milk

Produced from soybeans and water, this milk often may possibly include further thickening agents to give it a superior consistency. Soy milk is also absolutely free of cholesterol and low in saturated fat. Plus it also consists of no lactose.

Soy milk typically has a creamier consistency, creating it perfect for creating steamed milk.

It is also unsuitable for individuals allergic to soy, and may possibly have other wellness implications primarily based on prior study.

Coconut Milk

Produced from coconut cream and water, coconut milk does not truly include any nut, so should really be OK for most individuals.

The milk has a sweet, wealthy nutty flavour that is nicely recognized from everyone who’s tasted Coconut.

Can these milks be steamed/foamed?

Final results may possibly differ based on the brand and form of milk selected, but you should really be in a position to get some fantastic final results frothing up non dairy milks.

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It is worth performing some study on which brand and form of milk will function most effective for your coffee shop, as every single form has its personal advantages and drawbacks for creating coffees with.

Making certain your baristas have practise steaming and producing foam with your selected milks is also crucial to assure the most effective final results attainable are developed.

Which 1(s) to present?

Not absolutely everyone agrees on which milk is the most effective. The various milks have various pros and cons. So it would be valuable to present far more than 1 providing your baristas and shoppers the solutions.

It is worth creating positive shoppers know which non-dairy options you present, to assure that absolutely everyone is conscious and so they can make options based on their tastes.

You could make committed non dairy drinks to suit these milks, providing non-dairy drinkers some one of a kind recipes to decide on from.