Google campus to open in Warsaw

Google campus to open in Warsaw
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Google campus to open in Warsaw

      Google showed its interest in CEE business environment and Poland, in particular, a long time ago. Since 2006, there have appeared three Google offices located in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Krakow. Moreover, the company once largely contributed to the technology design and its promotion in the economy by providing a financial support for the launch of Digital Economy Lab in the University of Warsaw. Now Google opens its modern high-class campus facility in Warsaw, which will become one of the other few Google startup campuses in the world.

      It is expected that Google campus in Warsaw will bring more innovations and encourage technology development in this perspective ecosystem. In the beginning, the campus will be used as a co-working space for startup projects. Like in Tel Aviv and London, the local Google campus will become a platform for numerous startup conferences, business networkings, professional training and many other topic events. So this will be a hot spot for all the Polish entrepreneurs, businessmen and IT developers in search of new connections and inspiration for creating successful companies. In addition, the campus members will have a chance to work under the professional mentorship of the best experts and representatives of the Google team. Finally, seeing a very promising startup potential in Poland, Google also plans to contribute to the various educational processes for the entrepreneurs in the form of special programmes.

      For many people, the launch of a new Google Campus in Warsaw came as a surprise. However, it turns out that Warsaw, and Poland in general, meets the three main criteria used by Google company while choosing the spot for a new campus: prosperous startup ecosystem, a big benefits potential and the presence of local Google professionals to work as mentors. Let us hope that Google Campus in Warsaw will meet the expectations of the world IT community and will become an engine of progress for the whole CEE startup ecosystem.

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