Genius Marketing presented a new workshop in Minsk

Genius Marketing presented a new workshop in Minsk
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Genius Marketing presented a new workshop in Minsk

During the three days, from 7th to 9th of August, Minsk hosted a unique entrepreneurship workshop organized by the phenomenal team of professionals from Genius Marketing community. The hospitable halls of Victoria Olimp Hotel were chosen as the meeting point for the event. Oles’ Timofeev, the leader and the main creator of the project, prepared an intensive workshop session for Belarusian startuppers. More than 200 people attended the event for the first time.

Having become a successful Internet businessman in Ukraine, Oles’ Timofeev decided to share his experience with other people interested in starting their own Internet business and created Genius Marketing project, which has now turned into the best community of online entrepreneurs in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Aged only 25, Oles’ has already achieved rather impressive results and got popular for his revolutionary approach to earning money by developing an online business. Numerous stories of success in various fields made Genius Marketing project a kind of educational platform for those who, like Oles’ Timofeev, are eager to do something they like.

The workshop covered three units of issues important to know in Internet marketing: the typical business models in Internet market positioning, the creation of an online promotion platform and the techniques needed for online sales of the product.

Genius Marketing presented a new workshop in Minsk

During the first day of Genius Marketing workshop, Minsk startuppers were supposed to get the clear image of Internet entrepreneurship and try to choose their own way of positioning in the market from several suggested business models. The next day was much more productive and involved such topics as the dominant power of social networks, the effect of creating a personal blog or a website, the launch of the free online product and building a relationship with a target audience through email marketing.On the third day of the workshop, the participants were given more practical advice on how to reach high Internet sales. In other words, the Genius Marketing team gave some detailed instructions on the creation of paid applications and their promotion to the previously created target audience. Finally and probably most significantly, Oles’ Timofeev shared his vision of success – forming a good team of reliable coworkers.

Although these three days of Genius Marketing workshop session  may seem rather overloaded and stressful, in fact, all the participants managed to create a tight networking in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the coordinated work of the audience everyone had a chance to exchange their ideas and contemplate on the future development of the projects.It is also worth mentioning that many people who came to the workshop without a potential market niche in mind finally chose ones, looking at those who had already occupied certain niches and demonstrated their startups.

Obviously, such events as Genius Marketing workshop breathe new life into the fast-developing community of local startuppers and young entrepreneurs and, therefore, are highly welcome in Minsk. Let us just hope to see more and more of such workshops in the nearest future.   

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