From Budapest Stock Exchange senior analyst to VC working with startup teams

From Budapest Stock Exchange senior analyst to VC working with startup teams
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      Have you ever wondered what makes all those venture capital firms’ workers choose some particular startup projects, support them throughout the development process and believe in their grand success? What kind of people venture capitalists are and how they appeared to change their previous working fields for the startup movement? One of the CEE venture capital heroes tells about her major experience and shares her personal view of the current CEE ecosystem.

     Eva Rez works as an Investment Director at Day One Capital, a venture capital firm in Hungary providing financial support to the early stage startups. To give you a more detailed image of Eva’s expertise, it is worth mentioning her five-year experience as a senior analyst at the Budapest Stock Exchange and one year of practical work in San Francisco, the world center of startup community. Such a wonderful combination of diversified knowledge about the capital – the principles of regulated markets and the nature of startup business – helped Eva to become one of the best professionals in Hungary and maybe the whole CEE region, who passionately looks for original ideas, talented entrepreneurship minds and perspective projects. Eva admits that both business models – the ones belonging to big enterprises and those possessed by startups – are equally important for the economy, since the best startups finally grow into huge companies going on stock exchange.
From Budapest Stock Exchange senior analyst to VC working with startup teams
     Speaking about the election strategy that most VC companies operate by while working with startups, Eva points out the importance of the entrepreneur’s background and previous achievements. She personally appreciates diversity in any startup team: more women, different nationalities and age groups. This is very important when the project needs some certain expertise or professional skills. For example, there are a lot of qualified IT developers and programmers in CEE countries, but marketing and sales professionals are very rare in the region, which brings a kind weakness. So why not find the missing team member somewhere abroad?

     Eva also strongly believes in the possibility of creating so-called unicorns in CEE countries, although for now there are some obstacles. She is proud to mention several successful startups from Hungary that became well-known all over the world: Prezi, Ustream, Medimass and several more. Eva thinks that valuation is a very subjective issue, it is more vital to keep the steady growth of a new business supporting it by fresh capital all the time.

From Budapest Stock Exchange senior analyst to VC working with startup teams
From Budapest Stock Exchange senior analyst to VC working with startup teams
     As a “capital specialist” Eva admits the well-established funding infrastructure in CEE region and suggests the following sources of funding for startups. These days investment can be found in numerous incubators, accelerators, received from angel investors and raised through performing a good crowdfunding campaign. All these methods really work and bring additional benefits to the startuppers, such as industrial knowledge, marketing tools, new business contacts. It is also worth keeping in mind that each type of capitalist or investor has their own criteria or basic target field. For example, Day One Capital was founded as a venture fund for seed stage startups. It means that besides money, they provide a long-term mentorship help to their portfolio companies, share some useful recruitment tips, often give detailed instructions essential for a good start and accept the new startup team as new member of the Day One Capital partners network. That is why it is very important for Eva to start a good relationship with her startup teams from the very beginning, because after that they should become real friends who cooperate for the sake of a mutual success.

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