Flavours your consumers will really like on Valentines Day



That day of the year is right here once again the day that persons show their affection for yet another individual or persons by sending cards and acquiring flowers, chocolates or treats with messages of really like.

And it is a fantastic chance for cafes and coffee shops to adapt their menu or practises to match this unique day. We’ve place collectively a handful of concepts that we assume you will really like at initially sight.

Heart Latte Art and Chocolates

Undoubtedly, the heart symbol is the universally recognised symbol of really like and there’s no improved day to use it to your benefit!

A heart shape is a somewhat straightforward shape to build with latte art it just requires a bit of practise. We’ve written a handful of articles and even produced a video in the previous alternatively you could opt for some Barista education to get far more comfy with steaming and foaming milk.

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Barista Guidelines
How to make a Latte
Make a latte video

Alternatively, you could add a heart making use of a single of our silhouette stencils, which let you to promptly and quickly build heart shapes with chocolate powder, nutmeg or cinnamon on leading of your foamed milk.

A further fantastic addition to your menu could be our conventional Belgian Bolero milk chocolates they’re completely suited as a mini treat your consumers will really like.

Valentines Themed Drinks

A further way to get persons in the V-day spirit is with themed drinks, which give consumers a thing a bit unique to attempt for the unique day.

Iced Cherry Mocha

The slightly tart flavours of Cherry combined with a sweet Mocha.



  1. Fill your glass to the leading with ice
  2. Fill the glass with milk till it is about 1cm beneath the rim of the glass
  3. Add the scoop of Hot Chocolate to a seperate cup and add 120ml of hot water, mixing into a constant syrup
  4. Pour the ice/milk mixture into a blender along with the hot chocolate mixture, and add two pumps of Cherry Syrup
  5. Blend till smooth
  6. (Optional) Add whipped cream and a drizzle of Cherry Syrup on leading
  7. Serve!
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Strawberry Kiss Hot Chocolate

A smooth and creamy dark hot chocolate with the sweet fruity flavour of strawberries.



  1. Add your scoop of Hot Chocolate to a mug, and combine with about 60ml of hot water, mixing into a paste
  2. Add your strawberry puree and mix till combined
  3. Froth up your milk and pour into the cup, stirring completely as you pour
  4. Use a latte art stencil and some further Hot Chocolate powder to build a heart on leading.
  5. Serve!

Chocolate Honeycomb Frappe

A sweet and luxurious recipe that is the excellent pairing of chocolate and honeycomb.



  1. Fill your glass to the leading with ice
  2. Fill the glass with milk till it is about 1cm beneath the rim of the glass
  3. Pour mixture into a blender, collectively with 1 scoop of the Frappe mix
  4. Blend till smooth
  5. Add Honeycomb syrup on leading
  6. Serve!
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