European Start-up Days

European Start-up Days
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This is the first edition of an event that will pave the road to success for innovative young entrepreneurs. Only here, during the European Economic Congress, can you meet investors and decision-makers representing big business and convince them to support your business idea.

What is the idea behind European Start-up Days?

A not-to-be-missed event

European Start-up Days is a completely new conference that gives people who have a business idea and want to implement or expand it the opportunity to present themselves to investors and experts, and develop relationships with them.

• Present your business idea

• Find an investor

• Gain media publicity

Did you know that…?

A total of over 7,000 people, representatives from the worlds of politics and big business, come together in Katowice for the three days of the European Economic Congress. They take part in 100 debates, exchanging opinions, in order to jointly work out answers to the questions about the Polish economy’s future within Europe. Many of these individuals, bearing the development of their business interests in mind, are keen on finding new, innovative solutions that will enlarge their portfolios. These true greats of the Polish business world may wish to invest their capital in your business idea.

The European Economic Congress is an event that attracts the attention of all the economic media in the country. Every year there are about 500 accredited journalists at the Congress. The largest newspapers, radio stations and television channels set up their own studios, so that they can give a running commentary on each day’s events. This year start-ups will also attract their attention. After all, the media is always on the lookout for breaking news stories. Come to the Congress, tell us about your business and you’ll find yourself hitting the headlines.

The Spodek Arena has cult status in Poland. Above all, it is associated with concerts and sporting events. Over the last couple of years, it has seen computer gamers come to the Intel Extreme Masters. The venue then takes on a completely different, cosmic appearance, giving the event an extraordinary dimension. In May, the Spodek will not only be full of ideas but also interesting features, designed especially for the European Start-up Days. This is the exceptional space in which you can present your own start-up.

Who are the European Start-up Days aimed at?

• Completely unknown ideas and initiatives, waiting for the world to hear about at the European Start-up Days

• Enterprises already in existence, but which need an injection of energy and capital in order to take off

• Start-ups that have already had initial success, but require more input

• Organisations supporting business

• Investors and representatives of big business

• Experts, reporters, bloggers

European Start-up Days – what is taking place?

Start-up Presentations

Start-up Pitches and Networking Zones are zones where anyone can present their own business idea to heads of companies, potential investors and experts, and get immediate feedback as to the likelihood of implementing it.

Debates and lectures

During the two days of the Start-up Days, numerous debates and lectures will be held on subjects such as development and support for Polish business, financial aid and the relationship between corporations and start-ups.

Scale-upAlley – start-up stands

The hall at the Spodek will be filled with rows of start-ups stands where, on your own unique stand, you will be able to display your business vision. The sky is the limit… Let your stand do the speaking to win over investors and experts.

Start-up Challenge

This is a challenge for start-ups that would like to get the chance to present themselves to investors. Come here, tell us about your business idea and find help, support, and capital for the development of your business.

Take part in the Start-up Challenge

• Display your business idea in the Scale-up Alley

Use the stand prepared for you by the organizers. Present your idea to the guests of European Economic Congress and European Start-up Days. Take your place among the best.

• Find an investor

The European Economic Congress is a gathering of big business. Make your presence felt in front of thousands of business people with capital, who may wish to invest in your start-up.

• Gain media publicity

Tell us about your business idea and you’ll find yourself hitting the headlines. 500 accredited journalists will want to pay attention to the most innovative start-ups.

• Meet like-minded individuals and exchange experiences

Learn, exchange opinions and find inspiration for change and action. Nobody but you, and people like you, know the paths that need to be trodden in order to be successful.

• Enter your start-up/Enter the Start-up Challenge

To enter please visit

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