Customize a first-time app experience with startup Primer

Customize a first-time app experience with startup Primer
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       Most of the startuppers and developers are very familiar with the complicated process of growing and promoting a newly created application. There are a lot of reasons for such a big number of obstacles to success: analogue products, poor advertisement campaign, lack of key features, new market and many more. To captivate a new user you often need to take a personalized approach, or just offer something special to each customer, something that would make them like this app from the very beginning. Some companies also face the problem of testing apps, since every new testing requires loads of coding, which costs a lot of money and time. So here comes Primer, unique application to enhance your product’s new user’s experience almost instantly.

      Primer team of developers came up with the idea of building such an automated service after working as a first-time user experience consulting company called Sendbridge mainly in the field of mobile applications for several years and going through the same list of obstacles and procedures with every client. By the way clients ranged from large tech companies to small developer teams of 10-50 people. Now the help has become automated. Primer was developed for one year and can be considered a startup project.
Customize a first time app experience with startup Primer
        It has always been easy to introduce some changes to Web resources, for example, a website, and test them. But when it comes to mobile applications’ development, some problems occur: you have to publish the app anew every time you want to change the slightest feature and you have no guarantee that the change will be successful. With the help of Primer, you can at once create new user experiences without any coding and launch these ‘trial’ versions without the actual release. Customers will see the native application screen modified according to their preferences and possible demands basing on their traffic source, which will make the first experience really relevant. After you learn your customers’ common tendencies and preferences, you can make real changes to the application and launch its new version thus avoiding hundreds of unnecessary releases.
Customize a first time app experience with startup Primer
       Kamo Asatryan, one of Primer founders, says the service is also a perfect tool for apps’ testing since it provides an opportunity to conduct A/B testing without release. Actually, a lot of other startups can provide the same function. But what makes Primer stand out, is the possibility to change first-time app experiences in a moment. Primer clients are given analytics reports – dashboards – where they can see dynamics and immediately personalize first-time user experiences to separate groups of new users in individual screens. That will take only 10-15 minutes and require no coding.
Customize a first time app experience with startup Primer
       Nowadays first-time experiences play a big role in promoting a mobile product. At the same time, every new release costs a lot of money. That is why mobile application growth turns out to be such a complicated process. With Primer you can make the necessary number of changes to your first-time user experiences trying any crazy ideas you would not be able to afford before.

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