Co-working, co-development and co-living

Co-working, co-development and co-living
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Modern startuppers are people used to various types of cooperation and networking since pulling separate ideas and experience together usually leads to the pleasure of mutual success. That is why there are so many co-working spaces and group events organized in many cities all over the world. One of the latest trends in startup communities deals with setting up co-living places for the people with the same business lifestyles. That is how Kirill and Sergey Sopots started their new rental business in San Francisco instead of following the initial idea of launching another startup project.

The Ukrainian guys were not the pioneers in this market niche, by the time there had already existed several co-living spots for startuppers along the west coast of the US, among which Rainbow Mansion in Cupertino was the first one to come up with the idea to unite the young entrepreneurs and creative tech people under one roof.
Co working, co development and co living
Kirill and Sergey Sopots arrived in San Francisco from Odessa, Ukraine. Kirill just finished his studies in Europe and came to the Silicon Valley with his father, a former lawyer, in order to work on a startup. While staying in the various hostels, he started to think of opening their own co-living business targeted at the local startup community. With 15-20 thousand dollars of the initial investments Kirill and Sergey launched their first co-living space on Sargent Street in San Francisco and gave a consonant name to the project – Coliving Club. This first settlement demonstrated a great business potential and soon Sopots attracted partners to join them in the development of several more Coliving Club spots in San-Francisco, thus collecting more than 120 000 dollars of funds for the project. Now they plan to expand the Coliving Club network farther in the States carefully choosing the cities with big concentrations of IT-entrepreneurs, students, and startup activists, and then move to Europe.
Co working, co development and co living
Why has Coliving Club managed to succeed?

First of all, Coliving Club guests become members of a special micro ecosystem for startuppers, since there they meet other businessmen and geeks, who willingly exchange their ideas. Also, the club offers meetings with some of their friend investors and mentors, provides a list of the upcoming startup events in San Francisco and even accompanies the whole group of Coliving Club members there. By paying membership fees of 900-960 dollars per month Coliving Club guests can stay in any San Francisco network spot and use all the facilities: a cozy bed, a desk and a chair, bathroom and laundry facilities, kitchen stuff and the Internet access. This is, by the way, a very good price in comparison with the rental payments of 1000-1200 dollars for a mediocre room without a restroom somewhere near the city center.
Co working, co development and co living
Among the regular guests of Coliving Club are mostly startuppers, developers, marketing and finance specialists from the US and Europe, very few of them come from CIS countries. Coliving Club often hosts attendees of Tech Crunch and Dreamforce conferences. Next year Coliving Club team plans to reach the next business level and open a new incubator in San Francisco that would help to find the most promising projects and innovative minds.

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