Check out the most “stupid” startup ideas

Check out the most “stupid” startup ideas
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     There are a lot of successful companies that grew from startups nobody believed in. Only those who risked investing in these projects are now proud to admit participating in those ventures from the very beginning. Here is a list of “stupid” startup ideas that somehow earn millions today:

Craiglist (electronic ads’ website) – forever free of charge. Forever ugly. Except prostitutes.

Mint (online accounting service) – give us all the information about your bank accounts, broker transactions and credit cards, and we will return it to you in the form of nicely printed files. The letters will be green – so that you feel rich.

Facebook – the world needs another MySpace or Friendster, only several years late. We will just launch it for a few
thousands of overworked, anti-social members of the Ivy League.

Dropbox – we will design a solution for files’ exchange and synchronization, which will add to a million of similar solutions already existing in the market. But we will have only one function.

Amazon – we will sell books online, even though users are still afraid to pay by card online. And their accompanying spending will consume all their carefully saved money. They will use our service for convenience and though will have to wait for a week until their book arrives.

iOS – the idea is to create an absolutely new operational system that will support none of already existing software or applications, designed for Mac OS, Windows or Linux. Only Apple can build applications for this platform.

Google – we are going to create the 20th search system in the world while most of them are abandoned and massively wasting money.

Github – developers love to pay monthly taxes for the free use of software with open code.

PayPal – people will use their non-safe email addresses to pay real money to each other under the support of a non-banking service with a cute name.

Paperless Post (online invitation cards) – we are like Evite, but non-free. All your friends will know that you are an idiot.

Instagram – filters! We have filters!

LinkedIn – what about a professional social network targeted at 30- and 40-year-olds? They will use it once in 5 years when they will need to find a new job.

Firefox – we will build the best web-browser, even though 90% of all world computers are already equipped with a free analogue. One guy will do almost all the work.

Twitter – what the hell is that?

Groupon – we will convince small business owners to offer cool, time-limited discounts and pay us more than newspapers printing these discounts. In other words, we will push our clients out of their own businesses.

Airbnb – are you going to sublet your bed to some random people? Yes. Are you going to make breakfast for them? Yes. Are you going to re-launch three times? Yes. Will your CEO decide to leave the company in a year? Yes.

Snap Chat – we will bring absolutely nothing to the saturated market.

Foursquare – all more or less useful functions of Facebook, Yelp and Twitter in one stupid application.

Whatsapp – so you have Gtalk, Facebook and a number of other chat options that can be used with your mobile Internet. And of course, those boring SMS. But all this is not what you want. You want everyone, who has your mobile phone number, to be able to watch the images of your profile through the interface, which will make them kick you.

Quora – people will come and post random questions while random guys will search answers to them on Wikipedia and reply to these random questions.
Check out the most “stupid” startup ideas
     We may have forgotten about some great startup ideas that finally turned into millions of customers, billions of capital and loads of fame and world acknowledgment. And who knows, maybe one day your project will be on this list.

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