A tech conference with a great reputation, connecting innovative developers, startuppers and entrepreneurs with investors and future partners. Held in Tallinn, the land of electronic solutions and digital society, the event must be truly international with attendees coming from Europe, America and even Asia. The organizers promise an exciting pitching competition, a bunch of outstanding speakers and great networking.

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Startup Bescouted

You have a creative hobby and want to be known? BeScouted welcomes you! It is a freelance community of photographers, models, stylists and many others. Here you can find a job and learn something new from other talents. You can complete and share common creative projects. Every BeScouted member has a rating, so participate more and you will be in demand.

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5_150x150 is a project which offers goods with delivery. It unites restaurants, cafes and some other stores in one place. Users can order delivery of prepared food, flowers, drinks and much more. offers 24hour service for all of Georgia. The site also has its delivery hotline for a quick order. Every customer collects 5% from each delivery, so then he can get a discount.

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Silicon Valley comes to the Baltics 2015
Silicon Valley

If you tend to follow all the Silicon Valley’s news and achievements, admire their talented professionals and latest innovations, you have a wonderful opportunity to meet the representatives of this leading startup ecosystem in Riga. There will be a big conference organized every year for the exchange of expertise and ideas between California and the Baltic region in Europe. The conference is dedicated to such topics as marketing, innovation and technology. As usually, startups will play one of the major roles at the event, Tech Hub Riga organizes a mentoring session and gives an opportunity to pitch the best products…

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