Book today: medical services now online

Book today: medical services now online
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     No wonder everything goes online in the 21st century, the world becomes smaller and smaller. Medical tourism is what comes into focus nowadays, empowered by startup enthusiasts. Ukrainian project Bookimed has recently been called for patients. Developed by Ukrainian entrepreneurs and headquartered in Kiev, this truly international service allows users make appointments in world clinics according to the diagnosis, available budget and preferred location.

Book today: medical services now online


     Bookimed founders Eugeny Kozlov and Eugeny Khotyanov came up with the idea for pretty obvious reasons: a wide range of medical tourists’ health problems, a major difference in the medical services’ levels from country to country and yearly drop in flight costs, added by certain personal experience and professional marketing expertise in medical tourism of Israel. On top of that, the Ukrainian team got inspired by books of Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, sharing the basics of ideal services and corporate culture.
     The guys know about the budget milestones of ecommerce – expensive logos, designs, magento engines. Covering the initial launch expenses with their own money, Bookimed team simply needed a working product and therefore concentrated on price and speed. The startup had negotiations with many investors, which didn’t result in signing any deals. Instead, Bookimed got financial support from their first clients in return for paid service packages for clinics. Bookimed follows the business model known as Cost Per Acquisition – a widespread model among international clinics, serving foreign patients. Patients do not pay any money. So far, the startup has received 28 489 applications. Every month Bookimed consults on average 3000 patients, by the end of the year this number is expected to rise twice.

    The main competitors of Bookimed are represented by several similar projects:

  • Medigo (Germany) – got seed funding from Ukrainian TA Venture
  • (Dublin) – functioning since 2006
  • (Ukraine).

     All these projects solve slightly different tasks, ranging from making appointments with doctors to clinics selection. Bookimed stands out thanks to providing support to the patients on all stages of application for medical services.

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