Belarusian mentors and investors in search of the next MSQRD

Belarusian mentors and investors in search of the next MSQRD
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     Belarus has been repeatedly mentioned in global media as a country of origin for successful startup projects. Several weeks ago MSQRD, an iOS app allowing to put various filters and real-time effects on users’ photo and video shots, made a real sensation in the world communities and eventually reached Mark Zuckerberg, who decided to add this Belarusian startup to Facebook’s investment portfolio. There are other startups that encouraged people from all over the world to check out Belarus on the map: PandaDoc, Kinomo, MAPS.ME, SplitMetrics… Unfortunately, truly outstanding projects are still scarce here. What local developers lack to come up with really good startups is necessary resources and expertise. Plus most Belarusian startuppers often fail to evaluate their projects from foreign investors’ perspective and take into account potential customers’ needs and expectations.
     The good news is there are people ready to take this issue seriously and promote local startup initiative to the new level. Belarusian IT entrepreneur Yuri Hurski (Mail.Ru Group), famous business founder and developer Dmitri Hurski (Ideanomix) and local IT evangelist Alexander Chekan (TUT.BY) are launching a mentoring project aiming to invest in Belarusian tech startups and afterwards accelerate them. According to Alexander Chekan, each of the three successful entrepreneurs has been working with startups for a long time and now they decided to unite their forces and remind the local society about life in the startup community. The mentorship project will be presented on April 15th.

Belarusian mentors and investors in search of the next MSQRD


     Within their project Yuri Hurski, Dmitri Hurski and Alexander Chekan are planning to cover most of the business issues that might emerge while growing a startup, except the product creation itself. Promising Belarusian projects will have a number of great opportunities:
• investment support
the professional expertise of the three partners and special guidance of other invited mentors
• assistance in all financial, economic, legal issues, so that startuppers can totally focus on product development.

     In one year Yuri Hurski and his partners are planning to enter 2-5 Belarusian projects and they will be most likely joined by other famous investors. The guys are interested exceptionally in startups with strong technology and science concepts, especially those on the verge of IT and such disciplines as medicine or chemistry. So here are some basic selection criteria for startups to enter the new mentorship project:
• unique algorithms and technologies
• groundbreaking or truly innovative idea, eager to change the world for the better
• a strong team of developers with proper tech backgrounds and motivation for success.

     Yuri and Dmitri Hurski, together with Alexander Chekan are ready to raise startup projects until they reach that special strategic level to be attractive to western investors (like MSQRD). This is the main idea of the mentorship project, headed by Yuri Hurski, whose impressive experience in business development can be considered unique (4 successful exits with Belarusian projects), added by the professionalism of his partners Dmitri Hurski and Alexander Chekan, should attract the massive attention of local young developers and startuppers. You can apply and present your startup project filling in this form.

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