As the temperature rises, it is time for an Iced Mocha!



It is no secret at Caffe Society HQ that i’m a massive fan of a great mocha. The blend in between our hot chocolate mix and our Super Crema beans tends to make for a scrumptious pairing of flavours.

But as the temperatures steadily rise, it could possibly be just a small as well warm to have a hot coffee drink, even although you want your coffee/chocolate mix repair! There’s a resolution, and it comes in the kind of an Iced Mocha.

Iced coffee drinks are not for absolutely everyone, but there’s a committed fanbase of ice coffee aficionados who swear by it. And for a mixture of caffeine and cooling down, there’s not significantly that comes close!

What you will have to have


  1. Brew a shot of espresso, and add it to your serving glass.
  2. Mix in 1 scoop of hot chocolate powder till it is completely mixed with each other with the coffee.
  3. Leading up the glass with milk till it is about three/four complete.
  4. Mix completely, combining the espresso, chocolate and milk till it is a constant colour.
  5. Add four – five ice cubes, and give the drink a different stir.
  6. (Optional) Add a layer of whipped cream to the best and lightly dust with hot chocolate powder.
  7. Serve (and delight in!)
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Do not miss out on your Mocha, get brewing and develop a scrumptious cool hot chocolate coffee drink. You could even get further inventive and combine this recipe with some of our inventive syrups from Sweetbird, providing your mocha a touch of further themed flavour.