Alexander Turkot indicates the key investment trends

Alexander Turkot indicates the key investment trends
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     Maxfield Capital is one of the world famous VC companies, widely known for its literally global approach and a number of success stories built on cooperation between experienced entrepreneurs and top-notch technical talents. No wonder MaxfieldCapital is the object of permanent media attention: company’s founder and general partner Alexander Turkot, as well as the whole team of professionals with rich backgrounds in tech, investment and innovation industries, is often asked for an objective outlook on the investment industry trends.

Alexander Turkot indicates the key investment trends

      Alexander Turkot has repeatedly mentioned Maxfield Capital’ focus on European startups: there are numerous strong hubs and ecosystems – the UK, Germany, Nordic and the Baltic States. Special interest is given to the Nordic countries, referred to as “the most successful places for tech companies” and the center of B2B startups. Turkot also notices a tendency of Maxfield Capital cooperate with excellent specialists from the CIS countries, who, in addition, can be hired at lower costs. This is what differentiates Maxfield Capital from many other venture capital firms, which often underestimate the tech potential of CEE specialists.
      The geographic diversity (Tel Aviv, New York, Silicon Valley, London and Moscow) allows Maxfield Capital get along with the varied business climate in distant markets and use the international human and tech capital in leading their projects to success, growing startups into global companies.

      In his interview to the NordicWeb, Alexander Turkot names several startup verticals Maxfield Capital has concentrated on for now. First of all, it’s big data. According to Turkot, big data embraces a huge number of yet undiscovered niches very likely to lead the whole industry to the new level of efficiency. Since Maxfield Capital is a B2B-focused fund, they hope for innovative solutions for such industries as logistics, agrotech, transportation and fintech. At the same time, Alexander points out the following challenges for big data projects: legislation and corporate data privacy. Hopefully, they will fade away in the nearest future.
      The next promising startup field, indicated by Alexander Turkot, is fintech. And more exactly, internal processes of banking: scoring, underrating, regulatory compliance etc. Recently,Maxfiled Capital participated in a widely discussed $1.45M investment round of the Finnish fintech startup MONI, offering a convenient payment method conducted via Mastercard network. Maxfield Capital believes in MONI as a part of the future for consumer-driven finance.

     Finally, Alexander Turkot mentions insurtech to be one of the Maxfield Capital’s focus areas. Like fintech, insurance industry has a big tech-driven efficiency potential, since there have been no specific changes in the latest years: “We know that insurers that track drivers and personalize their ratings based on individual driving styles can gain a lot of business from drivers who focus on safety and following the rules. I believe we’re at the dawn of a new era of personalisation that is likely to transform this traditionally conservative industry”.

Alexander Turkot indicates the key investment trends

     Finally, Alexander Turkot predicts certain growth in cross-industrial projects, where tech expertise needs to be combined with more off-line expertise (agrotech, energytech, fintech and so on). There is also a high possibility of deeper market monopolization by large international corporations through setting the key industry trends and dictating standards, especially in Europe and Asia. Alexander personally expects several unicorns from Europe and mainly from the Nordics.

Alexander Turkot will be a speaker on International Investor Day in Vilnius. Don’t miss a chance to meet him and learn more about trends of 2016!

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