5 things to become obsolete in a few years

5 things to become obsolete in a few years
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      Have you noticed how fast everything is changing? If we look at the world we lived in 5 years ago, we will be kind of surprised to realize how many things used to be a sensation at that time and now are treated as something elementary: take iPad or Kickstarter platform for example. Not surprisingly, the following 5 years will bring some more revolutionary products and services while other technologies will go out of use. And here are several of those disappearing items.

No cash – no ATMs

     As you know, fintech industry is rapidly developing these days, constantly offering new services that allow conduct all the necessary operations – from online payments to splitting the bill with your friends – almost in real time, without cash and often without banks as intermediaries. All you need today is your bank account, a mobile phone and sometimes you may have to do a few movements with a plastic card. Impressive, isn’t it?
Experts predict the possibility of having all our banking procedures done through any mobile device, even the vehicle! At the moment, checks are almost out-of-date: some people have never held a check book in their hands. Cash is very likely to disappear in the nearest future too, and so is the entire accompanying infrastructure – ATMs, collectors and so on.

USB stick: a souvenir from the past

     According to the mobility report, prepared by Ericsson, 70% of the world population will become smartphone users by 2020. Considering the growing number of cloud storage services provided by Apple, Dropbox, Microsoft and other companies, we may soon no longer need any physical storage devices. It is also reported that standard mobile storage capacity will increase significantly.
5 things to become obsolete in a few years

Passwords and keys replaced by your biometrics

      People tend to use too many passwords as means of access protection to their devices, personal accounts and also their property. Unfortunately, passwords are cracked, keys are stolen or lost: turns out, traditional ways of maintaining security don’t work properly anymore. Already today, biometrics has become rather widespread, especially on laptops and mobile devices. Of course, biometrical protection is exposed to a number of certain risks too. Still, fingertips, facial recognition, and implanted chips may soon supersede currently used passwords and keys.

No more remote controls

     Tired of looking for a constantly missing TV remote control? Having problems with choosing the right one for your air conditioner? Don’t worry! Soon, all these troubles will fade away. Engineers, working on smart homes advancement and actively involved in the Internet of Things development, promise to connect all the devices we use in one network and give us an opportunity to control the appliances through our voice commands.
5 things to become obsolete in a few years

Paperwork to get optimized by cloud solutions

      Most of the paperwork processed today requires a lot of procedures: printing, scanning, signing and so on. This way most of the transactions are currently conducted – through paper-based processing. However, very soon people will totally rely on so-called ‘cloud agreements’, providing regular connection to the individuals’ identities and profound management functions. More and more companies and institutions are joining cloud computing models and management platforms, allowing increase efficiency and reduce costs.

     We’ll see how soon these predictions will happen in real life.

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