Varaig contest is up to discover breakthrough tech and sell it to unicorns

     Ukrainian gamedev businessman Maxim Slobodyanyuk and Belarusian IT-entrepreneur Yuri Gurski are launching a new project Varaig. These two outstanding experts on local markets decided to combine their unique experience in project management and certain success factors of recent startup triumphs (MSQRD, Prisma, Looksery, etc.) in an attempt to encourage even more startup vibe in CEE. The idea is to gather a pool of top developers, geeks, and hackers from CIS countries and provide them with opportunities to work on building revolutionary tech. What goes next within Varaig project is selling tech solutions of high quality and potential to…

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Lure Deals suggests business strategies based on Pokemon Go quests

     In less than one month Pokemon Go has become a real breakthrough in lives of global gamers and even those who have never downloaded any games on their smartphones before. A true nostalgic phenomenon, this app has made millions of people stop watching series at home or wake up from office routine and dive into the real world – get together in public places and explore the cities in pursuit of pokemons. For some reason, not many are actually aware of what a huge influence Pokemon Go has on crowds and how this “mania” can be applied in…

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Book today: medical services now online

     No wonder everything goes online in the 21st century, the world becomes smaller and smaller. Medical tourism is what comes into focus nowadays, empowered by startup enthusiasts. Ukrainian project Bookimed has recently been called for patients. Developed by Ukrainian entrepreneurs and headquartered in Kiev, this truly international service allows users make appointments in world clinics according to the diagnosis, available budget and preferred location.      Bookimed founders Eugeny Kozlov and Eugeny Khotyanov came up with the idea for pretty obvious reasons: a wide range of medical tourists’ health problems, a major difference in the medical services’…

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