Mystery of the 21st century: Bitcoin creator finally revealed?

     Since 2009, when the first digital currency was presented to the whole world under the name “Bitcoin” by someone Satoshi Nakamoto, numerous media have been launching grand investigation campaigns in order to unmask this unreachable creator. In 2014, Newsweek announced they had found “Satoshi Nakomoto” – a 64-year-old Japanese American Dorian Nakamoto (birth name Satoshi) living near Los Angeles. Later this statement proved false and ended up with a lawsuit by Dorian Nakamoto against Newsweek on the basis of “turning his life completely upside down”.      The latest provocative statement concerned with disclosure of Satoshi Nakamoto identity…

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Biomed startups are coming into play: Adicet Bio has just raised $51 million and bought an Israeli cancer startup

     Although they are very few, biomed startups are shaking the business community. Thanks to their innovative projects, humanity gets access to incredible treatment methods, while investors benefit from participating in high-perspective ventures.      Recently, an immunotherapy startup with no actual presence on the net and weak information campaign has been lucky to raise a significant amount of funds – $51 million, which can be considered a huge investment round in Series A. Adicet Bio, a young biotech startup, headquartered in the US, later disclosed another deal – an acquisition of Applied Immune Technologies (AIT) startup from Israel…

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