$128 million invested in AI in 2015

$128 million invested in AI in 2015
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      Since 2010, more than 45 world companies and corporate VC departments have invested millions of dollars in startups, working on AI algorithms development. In 2014, Bloomberg Beta, Bloomberg LP, Samsung Ventures and Rakuten venture department appeared to be the most active AI investors, actively searching for new AI projects (like many other tech companies) and acquiring innovative startups, in order to keep up with Facebook and Google, which are now dominating the AI market.
$128 million invested in AI in 2015
     Facebook and Google are reported to be the Silicon Valley leaders in the artificial intelligence industry. Both companies have injected huge investments and hired the best code engineers to work on AI projects, such as smart assistant M in Facebook messenger and Google chat bot, which is still under development. However, both companies are now followed by a great number of competitors, among which are also startups! IBM coordinates a project known as Watson: Watson can become your fitness trainer and even participate in a quiz. Apple is quietly buying AI companies while Microsoft is launching new algorithms focused on image recognition.
$128 million invested in AI in 2015
     Recently, CB Insights published a report on investments in AI, made by other Silicon Valley residents. Here are some highlights from that report:

• the largest gross investment in AI was made in the 4th quarter 2014 when $152 million was attracted as a result of 8 big deals. In total, $230 million was given to artificial intelligence startups in 2014.
• in 2014, Google invested in Mobvoi – Chinese language voice recognition system developer, which was one of the top news in the tech industry.
• in 2015, AI investment appeared to be $128 million within 15 deals.
• in total, AI investment size has 15 times increased since 2010 until now.
$128 million invested in AI in 2015
     All this undoubtedly pushes artificial intelligence to become one of the contemporary trends among startuppers and, consequently, investors. For now, corporations are taking the lead.

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$128 million invested in AI in 2015

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