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Here's the list of sturtups we lead. This are the companies of very different king of business but all are near from the top of startup brunch.

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About Us

Discover the Startup Ecosystem of Central and Eastern Europe with VceeStartups!There are startups, investors, governments and knowledge institutions work together.

Main Goal

The main goal of this cooperation is to build the startup ecosystem and connect it to other international startup hubs. As far as Lithuania is in the central part between West and East Europe, this country has all necessary instruments.

Great Traditions

Lithuania has a lot of excellent knowledge, healthy potential and entrepreneurial spirit. At the root it is a solid base of incubators, accelerators and universities. And that is only the beginning..

Global Idea

The global idea of the Central and Eastern Europe influence is to work together and cultivate high developed ecosystem, where startups can grow and scale-up to a global level.

VCEE Mission

Our mission is to collect information about the startup world, make it available to everyone and expand startup ecosystem in this region.The VceeStartups is the free database of companies, people, and investors all over Central and Easten Europe.

Our Team

VceeStartups has a great team of real professionals with much of modern claimed skills at current business arena.


This is the VceeStartups team. Vcee has well-trained professional team with good skill of leadership and creavivity but with respect for traditions and serios approach to business. Our professionals can solve task of any difficulty fast and confidently. Every-day growth at professional and personal leavels, maximum return to work and big aspiration to become the biggest startup ecosystem - that all makes VceeTeam one of the coordinated and professional teams at the present startup's ground.

VceeStartups is a every-day-developed project with much of passion and love for the doing work. We are interesting in any offers about startups, startup ecosystems ect. Our trained team will help you in any problem about startup world in the shortest terms!

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